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About LYNX Technology Development
About LYNX Technology Development

We specialize in the development of custom, internet based operations software addressing work-flow, accounting, inventory control, reporting, sales, and day-to-day business management for single and multi-unit/location organizations.

Bridging the Gap

In real world, every day language, we build programs and websites that help companies run better, faster and leaner. We help bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be today, while keeping the future firmly in sight.

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Our Services

Programming / Web Development

Programming and Web Development are our core focus, whether working on our own or as part of a team we love digging in and coding on the cutting edge. All the while we make sure our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we adhere to best practices and proven methodologies.


APIs are everywhere! We can integrate an API (or three) into your site, or we can write one for you to use on your own or to share with the world. Have a need for EDI or MLS/RETS, we do that too. Everything from basic integrations to writing customized solutions.

UI/UX Review

A fresh set of eyes can be a good thing. We'll review your site, pushing every button and reading every word. We'll provide you with a written report detailing what was great and what can use a little tweaking. In addition we'll go over the report with you, showing you what we did and what we found.

Not just a Provider,

a Partner in Success

At LTDC we pride ourselves on being a partner in your success. Anybody can create a website or write a program. We view ourselves as part of your team, we learn about your business and look beyond the task at hand to ensure our solutions work today, and scale for tomorrow. Our approach allows us to identify new and innovative methodologies and technologies, and present them in a way that helps you make an informed decision regarding their adoption and implementation. In short, to draw on the old cliche, your success is our success.

We talk, and more importantly, LISTEN to you. We learn about the project you'd like done, the industry you're in and the clients you're targeting. We then create a detailed Scope of Work and review it with you. We answer your questions and ask our own ensuring you are getting exactly what you envisioned.


This is where we have fun! We use the latest, proven technologies and methodologies to ensure your site meets, and hopefully, exceeds your expectations. During the development process we check in constantly, we show off...I mean show you our work, and provide you a stage site where you can get in the drivers seat, and, if you want, show it off to the rest of your team.


We write tests as a standard part of our development cycle. Then we push every button, click every link and submit every form...over and over until it's right. Then we turn the site over to our QA people (who we've purposely kept in the dark until now) and let them do it all over again. Finally we ask you to take it for a test drive and make sure you're happy.


This is the where the pedal meets the metal and is arguably the most exciting and most stressful part of the project. This is where we show your project to the world. We work with you to make sure the site works the same on your server as it does on our development and staging servers. We then take a second, breathe, pat ourselves on the back and jump into the next project!

Got a project in mind?

Cross-over Development

If you've been around programmers for more than 5 or 10 minutes you'll know along with being an affable bunch, we tend to gravitate to loosely defined groups or camps based on technology, practice, framework, geographic location or brand preference. Regardless of where we find ourselves, we are also normally classed as either a Front-end Developer or a Back-end Developer. In plain language, someone who works on the public face of a program and/or website or someone who works on the underlying "nuts & bolts" part of the program. Both are important, both are necessary and both generally promote, grow and attract a specific skill-set.

So, where do we fit? Well...we're what you would call Cross-over Developers, equally comfortable in either camp. As such, we tend to seek out projects, opportunities and challenges that allow us to exercise both sides of our skill-sets.

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About LYNX Technology Development
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